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Screaming Fields Of Sonic Love

Expressway To Yr Skull

Dismatle Me
31 January
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FakeFurCondom was found swimming around in a toilet bowl

Can your fishy beat FakeFurCondom ?

Bisexuality is Real.

=w=, abortion, aligula, americas sweetheart, angelina jolie, anti-socialism, auf der maur, autism, being obsessive, bloodlust, bondage collars, borderline personality disorder, brass eye, brian molko, brody dalle, but i'm a cheerleader, calzone, camping, cheapness, cheerleaders, children's books, chloe sevigny, christina aguilera, cliche loser mother fuckers, clinical smells, clitoral piercings, club kids, courtney love, crotch shots, defenestration, depression, disco bloodbath, documentary, donnie darko, duran duran, ecclectic, eighties, electro, electroclash, emily perkins, erasure, escapism, fatherfucker, fifties, film, filth, fluoxetine, gender unspecified, genitorturers, ginger snaps, grey eyes, hand bags, hedwig-and-the-angry-inch, hilary swank, hole, hologram platforms, house parties, iggy pop, indie movies, jake gyllenhaal, jam, james st james, janes addiction, japan, japanese punk, japanese street fashion, john cameron mitchell, kelis, kitcsh, knitting jumpers, kris lemche, lake district, lil kim, lip piercings, living with eating disorders, looking all trampy, lyme regis, macaulay culkin, maggie gyllenhall, marilyn manson, mark haddon, melissa auf der maur, menstral blood paintings, mental health, methadone pretty, michael alig, money success fame glamour, monochromatic dye jobs, music, natasha lyonne, neon, new york, nick hornby, nightwish, obsessive compulsive disorder, oiled legs, olanzapine, orlando bloom, p!nk, paroxetine, party monster, peaches, perry farrell, personality disorders, peter kay, pheonix nights, phrenology, pink, placebo, pop socks and fishnets, poppy z brite, pretty boys, rancid, raputina, red hot chilli peppers, religion, rob zombie, running away, samantha morton, scissor sisters, secretary, self harm, seth green, shockumentary, silverchair, six feet under, spiral staircases, squalor, stephen king, sub culture, suicide, switchblade symphony, tears for fears, the distillers, the faint, the teaches of peaches, tim armstrong, tokyo vogue, toni collette, tree surgery, ugliness, ugly boys, ugly girls, undercuts, unflattering photographs, venlafaxine, vodka, vosene, wedding cake, weirdness